Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Actions Cause Reactions!

Did you ever notice how powerful our choices are? Our choices and resulting actions bring forth reactions. Cheryl Richardson reminds me in her wisdom cards, that I need to make my choices wisely!

There is only so much time in the day...only so much time on the weekends... How do I want to spend my time? While choosing to write this blog post, am I freeing myself or tying myself down? What goes undone? What must I do first to ensure my day works the way I want it work?

These are the choices that confront me and these choices will impact my day and those around me.

The day began with reading a blog post... Maria Andros reminds me that the way I choose to make my money, grow spiritually, heal emotionally and become healthy will impact the other areas of my life. If I experience success in one, the other areas are also influenced.

In the words of Cheryl Richardson, "Choose Wisely!" In the words of Doreen Fulton, "Think Win, Win and Believe in Yourself and Hope For the Best!

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