Monday, October 10, 2011

Brenda Baker, Angel in Adoption - Interviewed, Finally an IEP for Mom!

Attn: All Moms!
I am participating in a wonderful telesummit designed to help Moms in their quest to find answers to their most difficult challenges. Finally, an IEP for Mom launched today and featured Brenda Baker, an Angel in Adoption, who is determined to help Moms in navigating through stormy seas.

Brenda's inspirational journey and transformation is sure to refresh, refuel and recharge the hearts of those lucky enough to hear her story.
to her interview now and hear Brenda describe her early misfortunes, her heart-felt desires and how she moved from a poor coal mining town to an affluent community in Maryland while following her heart and making many dreams come true!

Listen to Brenda as she transitions


from being a Heart-Broken Child, to a Single Mom,

from being a Married Mom, to a Mom with an Adopted Son,

from being a Mom of a Young Adult with Special Needs to a Mom with a Mission!

Sign up today so that you won’t miss Brenda’s interview. It is only available for free for the next 36 hours. Over the next three weeks, I will be interviewing 14 other guides, mentors and educators and sharing information that sustained me during my darkest hours in hopes that you will not make my mistakes.

You can listen live to every call via phone or via webcast for up to 48 hours for Free. It is our hope that you come to OASIS of Hope and Support as we know that it is frustrating and lonely to wander in a Desert alone. Register, Listen,and Enjoy the Abundance of the OASIS!

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