Monday, October 10, 2011

Brenda Baker, Angel in Adoption - Interviewed, Finally an IEP for Mom!

Attn: All Moms!
I am participating in a wonderful telesummit designed to help Moms in their quest to find answers to their most difficult challenges. Finally, an IEP for Mom launched today and featured Brenda Baker, an Angel in Adoption, who is determined to help Moms in navigating through stormy seas.

Brenda's inspirational journey and transformation is sure to refresh, refuel and recharge the hearts of those lucky enough to hear her story.
to her interview now and hear Brenda describe her early misfortunes, her heart-felt desires and how she moved from a poor coal mining town to an affluent community in Maryland while following her heart and making many dreams come true!

Listen to Brenda as she transitions


from being a Heart-Broken Child, to a Single Mom,

from being a Married Mom, to a Mom with an Adopted Son,

from being a Mom of a Young Adult with Special Needs to a Mom with a Mission!

Sign up today so that you won’t miss Brenda’s interview. It is only available for free for the next 36 hours. Over the next three weeks, I will be interviewing 14 other guides, mentors and educators and sharing information that sustained me during my darkest hours in hopes that you will not make my mistakes.

You can listen live to every call via phone or via webcast for up to 48 hours for Free. It is our hope that you come to OASIS of Hope and Support as we know that it is frustrating and lonely to wander in a Desert alone. Register, Listen,and Enjoy the Abundance of the OASIS!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Announcing, Finally, an IEP for Mom Telesummit - Begins Tommorrow!

Dear Friends and Partners,

I am committed to giving voice to the unspoken dreams of young adults with special needs and find that I am most successful in my quest when I empower their moms first and foremost! An empowered Mom can move mountains and inspire her children to take action. A mom without power can barely get out of bed in the morning and does little to motivate her young adult.
I Believe:

If Mama Ain’t Transitioning, Ain’t Nobody Transitioning


“If Mama Ain’t Empowered, Ain’t Nobody Empowered!”

With these beliefs and commitments in mind, I created a telesummit for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs. While all Moms have stressful jobs, the mom of a young adult with special needs has the most stressful job of all! While most moms can see a light at the end of the tunnel as their child goes off to college or to a job, the mom of the young adult with special needs, may not see an end in sight.

I know what that journey is like, I have seen first-hand, how lonely and tired I became while seeking appropriate educational and medical attention for my youngest son. I became thirsty for hope and support and nearly collapsed in frustration. Thanks to the support of my family, friends, and divine intervention, I found an Oasis in which to rest and regroup.

As I grew stronger, I heard the voice within me grow louder. As the months turned into years, I heard the command clearly: “Doreen, you must help those Moms to survive, if you want to give voice to unspoken dreams.”

When I retired from my government position in March, I simply did not have the energy to plunge into this endeavor. Instead, I nurtured my garden and soul, knowing that I would be ready when the time was right. In July, I felt better…and became more determined than ever to make a difference.

In early August, I learned that a Mom of a Young Adult with Special Needs grew so weary and distraught that she took her own life and the life of her 13 year son, choosing death rather than a continual battle with authorities on what was an appropriate educational setting for her son.

This sad story compels me to work on this project every day. Every day, I think of her and the unspoken dreams of her son, and I know why I am driven to do the work I am doing. I do not want these special moms to give up. I want to give them hope, support and the resources to refuel and refresh their spirits for the long journey.

Join me for the Finally, an IEP for Mom! Telesummit which I developed for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs and please spread the word. No one should wander through the desert alone. Together, we can provide the hope and support Mom needs.

Tell her:

It’s Free,
It’s Worthwhile, and
She is Worthy!

Tell her:
Finally, an IEP for Mom! begins October 10th and ends on October 28th!

It is Designed to be: An Individualized Empowerment Plan for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs

Learn more about this free telesummit

This telesummit is all about empowerment and collaboration, creating a win-win-win situation for You, for our Young Adults with Special Needs and for their Moms, and ultimately for their Families.

We want You to help us spread the word for the benefit of our Young Adults with Special Needs and their Moms who love them dearly. I am looking for partners to help us to get the word out about our upcoming Telesummit. Many of you are doing this anyway, so why not participate in our Affiliate Program which could be mutually beneficial to all of us.

How does it work?

For every person you have referred who buys the upgrade package using your unique affiliate link, I will pay you or your favorite charity a significant commission. 10% of every sale will be donated to the year round camp and respite center which Nancy Battye is developing for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs!

And the drawback? There is none. You don’t have to commit to anything. You don’t have to purchase anything. With your help, we hope to create an ever-growing community of Moms who are Empowered, Renewed, and Refueled to lead their Young Adults with Special Needs by example.

If you would like to offer your support and be in collaboration with me on this project, please click on the following link in order to register into my affiliate program and then spread the word!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:
I would love to have you as a Partner!

With Hugs, High Hopes, and Belief in YOU!

Doreen G. Fulton,
Speaker, Author, Certified Dream Coach®
Founder, Believe in a Ray of Hope, LLC

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally, an IEP for Mom ~ Individualized Empowerment Plan

Now that my federal career is over, I am launching a new venture! My Free Telesummit for Moms is launching October 10, 2011. It is entitled: Finally, an IEP for Mom, An Individualized Empowerment Plan for Moms of Young Adults who have Special Needs.

My purpose and passion is to give voice to unspoken dreams of young people with special needs. I feel that I am most successful when working with Moms. When Moms are supported, they can move mountains and pave the way to success. When they give themselves permission to dream, they give their children permission to dream. When they take action, their children take steps forward.

Unfortunately, many Moms are very familiar with Individualized Educational Plans and Special Education. Many are angry, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel as they confront the unsuccessful launch of their adult children with special needs. They are exhausted and feel that they are running out of time.

To respond to these emotional challenges and lack of energy, I have created the Individualized Empowerment Plan for Moms with Young Adults with Special Needs. I will be launching this Free Telesummit beginning October 10th. I plan to encourage collaboration and facilitate a community of support, so Mom can finally rest easy and sleep at night.

Having mothered 3 children with unique learning challenges, I know how important a community of support is to each of us. When I have collaborated with others, I have been energized and have had much energy to share with my family, my friends and community.

I now coach moms who want to launch their young adult children into independence and a life of meaning and am interested in expanding my reach via this telesummit.

I have conducted workshops and training events with educators and parents. My most successful presentation was entitled, "If Mama Ain't Transitioning, Ain't Nobody Transitioning." I believe that the IEP Summit for Moms, will be well received as the needs of Mom are great and everyone benefits when Mom has an Individualized Empowerment Plan!

To learn more about my new telesummit and sign up for this Free Series of interviews with my favorite mentors, visit my new telesummit site. Visit this new site: http// and recieve 3 Free Bonus Gifts to get you geared up and ready to enjoy this Oasis of Hope and Support!

What keeps you awake at night? What are you waiting for. Sign up now!