Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Miracle Baby Turns 24 and Continues to Delight and Surprise Us!

Today, I reminisced alot, thinking over the last 24 years and what a joy and pleasure it has been to watch my children grow. Greg, my oldest, is celebrating his 24th birthday today and I am celebrating his life.

It seems like only yesterday, that we brought him home and called him our Gift from God. To read more about how his life with us began, please read My Favorite Christmas Story.

He began as a miracle from God and even today, he keeps me on my toes, keeps me guessing, and keeps inspiring me to be the best me possible.

Today, Greg and his bride to be are contemplating buying their first home on five acreas of beautiful VA countryside and he has dreams of developing his own chicken farm.

Growing up in Northern VA, I would never have guessed that his interest would take him down this road. As he was growing up, we made sure that he had the opportunity to play baseball, football, and soccer. We provided tae kwon do and piano lessons. Each time, we were sure he would want to pursue one of these pastimes on a deeper level and each time we were wrong.

While he enjoyed each extracurricular activity, when he entered high school, he surprised us and went out for Lacrosse. We wondered where the inspiration had come from.

When he moved to Christiansburg, after pursuing college life, he happily reported that he loved the slower pace and the country life and I wondered where this fascination had developed.

As I looked through old photographs, a lightbulb lit up. I came upon a few pictures that both surprised and delighted me. When he was little, we enjoyed taking him to the Reston Petting Zoo. We introduced him to horses, goats and chickens. Looking at the pictures now, I can see now how his early fascination began.

As we begin a new year, I encourage you to think about the memories you are making. I encourage you to take time to reflect. I encourage you to enjoy your discoveries, your loved ones, and every day miracles!


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