Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Simple Exercise on My Spiritual Path!

In my last post, you saw me sliding into 2010. The holidays are now over and the new year has emerged. In the last week, I have been thinking of what I might do to make the most of the new year and the new decade. Today is January 21st and I have managed to pause and focus on what is most important to me.

As I near retirement, I am more committed than ever to make a difference. I know that I want to enjoy my family, my life and to rest comfortably each night, knowing that I brought happiness and/or delight to another. I know that to do this, I must focus on my spirituality and thus I was delighted to come across a blog posting written by Deepak Chopra which can help me and you, if you are inclined, to reach our spiritual visions.

He suggested that each of us create a list of what we envision coming into our lives in the coming months. For example, I might envision the following and add the most important to my list: Seeing the goodness in everyone; Collaborating with my family to bring hope to those who are suffering; Feeling more empathetic to those who have differing points of view; Expressing compassion daily.

Following Deepak's advise, my list will be short and include things that are most important to me. My list will help me to balance my activity with peace and serenity. He encourages us to include a few good things that are already blossoming in our lives and I will do so. I will revisit my list in the next few days to make sure that I have written out a vision that speaks to my heart's desire.

I plan to carry this list with me and to place it in my wallet where it will remain for the next 49 weeks. I will refer to it often and pull it out when encountering challenges. It will serve as a compass that will help me navigate the unforseen storms. With my list in hand, I hope to make decisions that align my actions with my values and vision. I aspire to embody my vision and unite my mind, body and spirit. Are you with me?

What will you do to make your vision come true? What simple action will you take today to make 2010 a year to remember?

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