Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Anniversaries have been on mind all weekend. I celebrated my 33rd wedding anniversary on Friday, on Saturday, we celebrated the adoption of my two youngest children who joined our family 15 years ago, and now I pause to reflect on Katrina, the devastating hurricane that hit New Orleans five years ago, today.

As I look at each of these anniversaries and seek to connect them all, I realize that we all experience joy, failure, grief and loss and we often reflect on these on anniversaries. As we reflect on our lives, and think back on our joys and pains, let's remember that recovery and readjustment is ongoing. It is never too late, to shift our focus and we are never alone. I believe that we are born to learn and we learn most when we face adversity.

For three more stories of survival, click the survival link.

Going forward, lets look at anniversarys and adversity in a new light. Let us pause, reflect and answer the questions:

What did I have?

What has happened in the interim?

What do I have now?

What did I learn in the process?

Let's focus on the lessons we have learned as we move beyond survival ... Lets focus not only on surviving, but on thriving.

I hope you will pause to reflect, readjust and recover. This is my hope.

What is your hope?

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