Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time Sensitive Data - Astrid Witt - A Wonderful Educator with a Story to Tell!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I just finished watching a great movie with my youngest son and welcoming my daughter home from her late night shift at work. My husband is at the beach and enjoying time with his brother and I plan to sleep in tomorrow! Oh yes, life is good!

As a busy Mom, I love weekends, things slow down a bit, I can stay up later and I can schedule in events that the work week doesn't allow. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure I got some great news to you! I could not go to bed before I made you aware of the phenomenal work being done by my dear friend and educator, Astrid Witt.

Astrid is passionate about educating and empowering our children and she often stays awake long into the night, pondering how she and other educators can reach and positively impact their lives. She has invested her heart, mind and soul along with her life savings to bring this event to other Moms and Educators.

Astrid, like you and me, became concerned as she:

Watched kids struggle in school
Felt helpless trying to help
Wondered if their special talents were being ignored
Looked for help for hyperactive/hypersensitive kids
Wanted to help “difficult” kids flourish, but was not sure how

She looked and found visionaries who approached our children and their educations with unique and revolutionary methods and achieved extra-ordinary results. She then created a teleseries devoted to bringing out the brilliance of our children and assembled these visionaries to help all of us. This weekend you have the chance to listen Astrid's last 2 interviews and like the previous 2 interviews, they were awe-inspiring. Click below to register:

This event, Astrid's 2nd Telesummit, builds upon her first and brings together phenomenal speakers and an array of Wise Guides,who are sharing their wisdom and life’s work, because they believe that our young people need to be nurtured, supported and guided by informed and compassionate care givers as they transition toward intentional adulthood.

On Monday, Astrid will interview an amazing young man who has not had any formal schooling at all... yet he has achieved remarkable results. While many 19 year olds spend their days watching video games, texting and bored, Zach is fully engaged in multiple activities while working as a Model, actor, pro skateboarder, Reiki Master, Shaman, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and published author of My Journey to becoming a Mayan Shaman. He is committed to working with energies to heal the planet, writing, teen mentoring, youth coaching and speaking to youth groups. The interview promises to be fascinating!!

I believe you won't want to miss it...

We all love the story behind the story…What makes Astrid so unique? Find out what compelled her to start the first business venture of her life in her sixties with no support system in an unknown market and with no connections whatsoever to those she wished to attract? Expect me to share this story with you in my next newsletter.

Till then, find time to rest, reflect and replenish. Begin, to empower yourself with knowledge, see new possibilities, and launch your own Individualized Empowerment Plan. Sometime soon, please join me in applauding teachers, like Astrid, who are committed to supporting our Youth and Moms like YOU and Me!

With much love,

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