Monday, August 15, 2011

What I Know Now, that I Wish I Knew Then!

The article linked below was provocative and definitely worth a quick read this morning! It provided me with much food for thought. It provides a great message for women, like you and me, who are seeking:

to lead a good life;

to lead by example; and

to leave a legacy.

I encourage you to read the 10 Commandments/Manifesto which is linked below. Please come back to this blog posting as I have another fun commandment to add and a very funny video for you to watch!

Ten Commandments for Turning 50: A Manifesto for Any Age (Are You Listening President Obama?)

While I am sure you will agree that this is a great list of commandments, I would like to add yet another Commandment to the list:

Find a reason to laugh every day!

I have found that laughter is the best medicine for a joy filled life. It not only refreshes the body, it refuels the soul and rejuvenates your heart.

Pause for a moment, take an instant vacation from your to do list, and watch this great video. Be prepared to laugh, feel better and take action!

With this food for your heart and soul, I would like to encourage you to do one more thing for yourself today.

Join your Sisters and Moms in moving forward, provide support, and sign up for your Individualized Empowerment Plan today!

Learn more about it at and remember you are never alone!!

Saying No to College! All I want is an Individualized Empowerment Plan (IEP)

Hey Mom,

I've got a question for you....

How do you respond when your young adult says he's finished with school, isn't interested in college, wants to tour Europe, and hang out on the street?

Choose from the responses below. Will you:

a) Put your foot down and kick him out?

b) Wish him the best and send him on his way?

c) Say good-bye and start counting the days, fully expecting him to land on doorstep a few weeks later, with an apology.

d) Bid him a fond farewell and applaud his audacity?

Click on the link below and find out what happened to one billionaire who said no to college and then reconsider what you might say....

Here's Guy Laliberté's story!

Now that you know the rest of the Guy Laliberté's story...

What life lessons do you wish to impart?

What legacy do you want to leave?

Is it time to sign up for your own IEP?

Learn more at Finally, An IEP for Mom!