Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interview with Kimberly Burnham, PhD and featured ...Pebble

WRITING TEAZURS: Interview with Kimberly Burnham, PhD and featured ...: Kimberly Burnham, Phd., is the only author so far to have two interviews running on my blog. Way to go Kimberly! You are an amazing person ...

Thank you Angie for interviewing Kimberly Burnham once again and for showcasing her many talents! Kimberly Burnham, Colleen O’Grady and I are Pebbles in the Pond, Transformational Authors and we share a common mission: We all want to inspire Mom to embrace hope, when she is at the end of her rope.

I wrote Finally, an IEP for Mom! because I want Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs to know that life gets better when they shower themselves with love and appreciation, shift their focus from their worries to their desired outcomes, and share their dreams and hopes with others.

I help Moms to launch their Individualized Empowerment Plans (IEP) and to follow in the footsteps of visionaries such as Christine Kloser, Mary Dirksen and Maeve Crawford. Together, we can Believe in a Ray of Hope and Become the Positive Role Models that we were meant to be!

To learn more about how I help Moms, Special Educators and Advocates to launch their IEPs, go to my blog: get on my interest list. and sign up for a free 2 part webinar, If Mama Ain't Transitioning, Ain't Nobody Transitioning.

To learn more about the Pebbles in the Pond Book and the other Transformational Authors, please visit Let me know if you want to pre-order your copy from me and get wonderful bonuses now!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gratitude, Respect and Appreciation!!

As Monday dawns and I reflect on Greg and Christy's Wedding, I am filled not only with Gratitude, but with Respect and Appreciation for these two young people. Their love, determination, and steadfast devotion to a common goal resulted in a day to remember and lessons for us all.

As the afternoon beckons, I am reminded once again that my children are my Greatest Teachers and as a Mom I am called upon to Applaud their Accomplishments and share Aretha's Message with All.

Having spent the last several days in Christiansburg, Virginia, I witnessed first-hand Greg's calm confidence, his powerful mind and his steadfast determination to pursue his heart's desire. He knows what he wants, marches to the tune of his own drummer and wins the race with a steady pace. At 25, he is living with his soul mate in a home they bought together with their Great Dane, in an area far from his birth place and has been totally independent for the last four years.

He trusts himself, throws off negative influences, loves unconditionally, knows what brings him joy and moves toward it day by day! He is managing an organic restaurant, has honed his cooking and managerial skills, works 12 hour days, 5 days a week and greets each guest with a smile. Never asking for approval, treating others with kindness, answering only to himself, he gains my Appreciation and Respect!

Seeing Christy in action, I am struck by the self-confidence that has emerged in the last few years. Clearly, she has blossomed in love. She completely planned the wedding, bought her dress, shoes and arranged for both food and entertainment. At the reception, she reigned as a Queen, fully composed as she posed for pictures, danced, cut the cake and made appreciative remarks to those who helped her. She commands Respect!

I also appreciate Linda Sowers, J.R. Karr and Preston who have welcomed Greg into their family and appreciated his presence in Christy's life. My great appreciation is also extended to John Reeder and Mary Brun who took time off from work to make the cake, prepare the food and drinks.

Greg and Christy met, fell in love, found a way to combine their strengths and energy, buy their first home, get married, and surround themselves with those who love and support them.

As a Mom, living far from her first born, I am forever grateful to those around Greg and Christy who have supported their dreams, desires and visions.

I appreciate Mikie Moser for giving them the chance to work together; for hosting Christy's bridal shower, for giving birth to Belle, who was the cute flower girl, and for arranging for their wedding, reception and stay at the Nesselrod. I also appreciate Robbie Stewart, who delivered a touching toast to their long lasting friendship and served as Best Man.

The big day would not have been nearly as bright without the presence of Wendy Fore, who was the best lady-in-waiting, I've ever seen! She remembered the nutribar, the curling iron, the hairdo, applied Christy's makeup perfectly and signed the guest book with Laura Rose Smoke.

Wayne and Betty are also very much appreciated for their good counsel and support over the last several months leading up to their wedding. It meant so much to both Christy and Greg that Wayne officiated and blessed the union with a special prayer. Special thanks is also extended to Mark Gordon who ensured that everything at Nesselrod was picture perfect.

Greg and Christy are making great strides forward with the support of friends and family. They are moving in the direction of their dreams with focus, determination and commitment not often seen in young adults their age. I see their gentle spirits, their consistent actions, and their dedication which is awe-inspiring. The results are magical and their future beckons brightly.

I thank God for giving me these fine teachers!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time Sensitive Data - Astrid Witt - A Wonderful Educator with a Story to Tell!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I just finished watching a great movie with my youngest son and welcoming my daughter home from her late night shift at work. My husband is at the beach and enjoying time with his brother and I plan to sleep in tomorrow! Oh yes, life is good!

As a busy Mom, I love weekends, things slow down a bit, I can stay up later and I can schedule in events that the work week doesn't allow. With this in mind, I wanted to make sure I got some great news to you! I could not go to bed before I made you aware of the phenomenal work being done by my dear friend and educator, Astrid Witt.

Astrid is passionate about educating and empowering our children and she often stays awake long into the night, pondering how she and other educators can reach and positively impact their lives. She has invested her heart, mind and soul along with her life savings to bring this event to other Moms and Educators.

Astrid, like you and me, became concerned as she:

Watched kids struggle in school
Felt helpless trying to help
Wondered if their special talents were being ignored
Looked for help for hyperactive/hypersensitive kids
Wanted to help “difficult” kids flourish, but was not sure how

She looked and found visionaries who approached our children and their educations with unique and revolutionary methods and achieved extra-ordinary results. She then created a teleseries devoted to bringing out the brilliance of our children and assembled these visionaries to help all of us. This weekend you have the chance to listen Astrid's last 2 interviews and like the previous 2 interviews, they were awe-inspiring. Click below to register:

This event, Astrid's 2nd Telesummit, builds upon her first and brings together phenomenal speakers and an array of Wise Guides,who are sharing their wisdom and life’s work, because they believe that our young people need to be nurtured, supported and guided by informed and compassionate care givers as they transition toward intentional adulthood.

On Monday, Astrid will interview an amazing young man who has not had any formal schooling at all... yet he has achieved remarkable results. While many 19 year olds spend their days watching video games, texting and bored, Zach is fully engaged in multiple activities while working as a Model, actor, pro skateboarder, Reiki Master, Shaman, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and published author of My Journey to becoming a Mayan Shaman. He is committed to working with energies to heal the planet, writing, teen mentoring, youth coaching and speaking to youth groups. The interview promises to be fascinating!!

I believe you won't want to miss it...

We all love the story behind the story…What makes Astrid so unique? Find out what compelled her to start the first business venture of her life in her sixties with no support system in an unknown market and with no connections whatsoever to those she wished to attract? Expect me to share this story with you in my next newsletter.

Till then, find time to rest, reflect and replenish. Begin, to empower yourself with knowledge, see new possibilities, and launch your own Individualized Empowerment Plan. Sometime soon, please join me in applauding teachers, like Astrid, who are committed to supporting our Youth and Moms like YOU and Me!

With much love,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet a Visionary, Creating a Village for Special Families, One Family at a Time!

It is my deep pleasure to introduce you to Sandra Pearson, a wise woman, a wonderful mother, and a visionary with a vibrant dream to support special families with resources, tools and community. Sandra created OUR SPECIAL FAMILIES VILLAGE knowing that family members needed support, resources and recommendations.

This organization is an outgrowth of Sandra's own needs. She has created the Village that she needed when her son Matthew was first diagnosed with Autism at 3 years of age, 16 years ago. Sandra launched this new venture, announced its creation via social media tools and came into my life as this new year began.

While I was regaining my equilibrium after learning of my daughter's engagement from my husband's brother who had heard the news from Aunt Jean, who had learned of this announcement via Facebook, all BEFORE my daughter had shared the news with her father and I, Ms. Pearson entered my life and I met a kindred spirit.

We immediately hit it off; Sandra Pearson got it! As a mother of two young adults, Elizabeth and Matthew, she immediately identified with my disappointment and frustration. She applauded my coping skills and I was happy to share my experience with her village. You can watch as I share my story with Sandra.

As many of you know I have been focused on helping Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs for quite some time. I put together a telesummit and created the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience because I knew first hand how lonely I felt as I confronted challenges in the world of special needs. Knowing that Moms need support if they are to continue to support their children into adulthood, I made it my mission and vision to create an Oasis of Hope and Support for Moms who are weary, worn out and in need of rejuvenation and respite.

Like the Village that Sandra has created, my Oasis, seeks to support Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs. At the Oasis, I fortify Moms and help them to develop their own Individualized Empowerment Plans, while letting them know of resources, tools, and other Moms who have walked in the Desert, survived and learned to embrace the adventure. I love connecting Moms with other Moms who know what it is like to get regular emergency calls, to attend countless IEP meetings, to advocate for services and support and get positive results.

So, with the goal in mind, I interviewed Sandra and asked her to share her vision and Village with you. With hopes to inspire you to move forward with hope, determination and focus on the road to becoming the role model you were meant to be. Enjoy Sandra's vision and join us at the Village, and at the Oasis of Hope and Support, You will be glad you did!

Please share your hopes and dreams with us. Keep the conversation alive, meet other Moms and gain strength, support and community at:!/believeinarayofhope

Saturday, January 7, 2012

As 2012 Begins, My Baby Continues to March to His Own Drum!

Today, as I walked on the beach, I reflected and paused to write in the sand. Happy Birthday, Greg!  While my first baby was far from me, thoughts of how our lives began together rushed over me, much like the waves rushing to the shoreline.

Twenty-Five years ago, my husband and I were sitting in the waiting room at Arlington Hospital, anxiously awaiting his arrival. My husband, grew impatient, left to feed our dog, thinking that Greg's birth mother would remain in labor for several more hours. A few minutes later, much to everyone's surprise he came forth, much earlier than expected. Suddenly like a wave, he arrived, and I was flooded with emotion as I became a Mom for the first time.

As I walked further, I continued to reflect on the last 25 years and what a joy and pleasure it has been to watch Greg grow. While Greg, my oldest, is celebrating his 25th birthday, I am celebrating his life.  It is no accident, that I soon find two sand dollars on the shoreline.  These I pick up with joy, knowing that I will be giving them to him and his bride to be in the next few weeks.  Today, I am enjoying the gifts of time, wisdom and reflection.  Today, I am empowered to see new possibilities all around me.  While, 25 years ago, I thought my life was complete, I know now it was just beginning.  Little did I know then, that life would never be the same again and that my individualized empowerment plan was in the making.

It seems like only yesterday, that we brought him home and called him our Gift from God. To read more about how his life with us began, please read

He began as a miracle from God and even today, he keeps me on my toes, keeps me guessing, and keeps me inspired.

Today, Greg lives in a rural community, works as a Chef in an Organic Restaurant, and he and his bride to be have bought  their first home. He still walks to the beat of his own drum and continues to surprise us. Over Thanksgiving, we found ourselves happily forgoing a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at home, to help he and Christy in moving from their farm house to their own home.  Truly, life holds many surprises!

Growing up in Northern VA, I would never have guessed that his interest would take him down this road. As he was growing up, we made sure that he had the opportunity to play baseball, football, and soccer. We provided tae kwon do and piano lessons. Each time, we were sure he would want to pursue one of these pastimes on a deeper level and each time we were wrong.

While he enjoyed each extracurricular activity, when he entered high school, he surprised us and went out for Lacrosse. We wondered where the inspiration had come from. When he moved to Christiansburg, after pursuing college life, he happily reported that he loved the slower pace and the country life and I wondered where this fascination had developed.

As I looked through old photographs, a sudden understanding emerged.  I came upon a few pictures that both surprised and delighted me. When he was little, we enjoyed taking him to the Reston Petting Zoo. We introduced him to horses, goats and chickens. Looking at the pictures now, I can see now how his early fascination began.

As we begin a new year, I encourage you to think about the memories you are making. I encourage you to take time to reflect. I encourage you to enjoy your discoveries, your loved ones, and every day miracles!