Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marcia's Dream Note - Summer Visions!

Happy Thursday! As you all know, I have been a Marcia Wieder fan for years and had the pleasure of working with her face to face on several occasions. Today, I got the following note from Marcia and an article that she wrote. I wanted to pass it on as I sense you will enjoy the message and wisdom it contains.

Marcia's Dream Note:
Dear Doreen,
Summer is just whizzing by. Don’t miss the opportunity to Dream Time before you have to focus on getting the kids back to school and then (good grief) the holidays. Be sure to do at least a few things that really make you happy, even if it’s just a lazy afternoon lounging in a hammock with a glass of lemonade.
12 Ways to be a 21st Century Visionary
by Marcia Wieder

Over twenty years ago, when I began to write and speak about achieving our dreams, I had a big vision. It was (and still is) to change the way we think and speak about our dreams. Instead of it being a nice idea that you might (someday) explore, a dream is something that matters to you and that you fully intended to achieve.

As expected, life brought the unexpected and with it many challenges. We could justifiably look at the economy, the lack of heath care, war, education and many other areas and declare that this is no time to dream. Many would say it’s a time to focus more on what is, than on our dreams.

And yet, without our dreams, and this new definition of dreams, nothing changes. Since living in unusual times requires that we think, act and are different, here is my call to action.

I invite you step up and out as a 21st Century Visionary. A visionary has a big dream, shares it, and inspires others to join them. Here are additional qualities for you to consider.
A 21st Century Visionary:
1. Is comfortable with uncertainty, the place where true creation occurs. He or she knows we were created to create and allows the time and space for this to occur.
2. Has extraordinary faith. They are able to act on what’s important to them even without assurance and guarantees. They can walk on faith without knowing the strategy or even clear next steps.
3. Knows that the secret to enlightenment is to relax. As we relax, our ego (with its agenda, fears and doubts) can slip away and we are left with our essential self, essence or soul.
4. Practices getting empty, so they can hear the voice of the Divine and/or feel this presence. They often create ritual and sacred space as way to invite this in.
5. Can consciously drop into a deeper place of wisdom, knowing and truth and can ideate/dream, and speak from this place.
6. Is aware that miracles happen in their own time and is able to wait rather than asserting his or her will or effort too soon. They trust the process enough to let it unfold.
7. Is receptive and knows that “give and take” is not the same as “give and receive” and that giving and receiving need to be done in balance. They practice restraint, allowing space for the space where true creation and original thought happen.
8. Does not live primarily as a problem solver, but more as a creative force. They are aware that it is more powerful to move toward what you want than away from what you don’t want, yet they know that both creation and destruction serve.
9. Has a conscious relationship with the silent witness, the part that can see many points of view, all sides and new perspectives. They are big dreamers with great imagination and willing to traverse new terrain.
10. Is collaborative rather than hierarchal. They have the courage, clarity and commitment to share dreams and ideas and empower others to take ownership.
11. Is crucial to the Dream Movement's ultimate dream, which is to make the world a better place. They know that with one single highly intentional step, the world can and has changed.
12. Has tremendous integrity. Beyond keeping their agreements with themselves and others, they answer to a higher Source. They usually have a purpose, mission, vision, calling and dreams in many areas of life.
Here is mine. My purpose is to believe. My mission is to help others believe in themselves and their dreams. My vision is to lead a Dream Movement in order to make the world a better place. My calling is to help us remember who we are and why we’re here.

What’s your purpose, mission, vision or calling? How are you living as a 21st Century Visionary? What qualities or values would you add to this list?


I hope you find Marcia's article inspirational and will respond to her questions before the summer ends. It is good to get our ideas out of our heads and onto paper! On a related note, it's also good for the soul to reconnect with our friends and fellow travelers. Enjoy the short movie.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Say Yes to Your Dreams!

How do you begin to live the life you were meant to live?

Once you have figured out who you are at your core, identified the authentic self with your talents and quirks, you can count on your dreams to help you go beyond your reality and to address how you want your life to be.

In your dreams, you are invited to turn inward and to listen to the whispers of your soul. Listen to the small voice within you and learn what you truly desire. Is it to get a new job, to go on vacation, or to gain support for a loved one? What ever it is, no matter how big or how small, it is something that you long for...

If we listen intently, we can hear those fond hopes and desires emanating from our purpose and our unique talents. When we have identified our dream and determined that we are passionate about achieving it, we can then begin to remove obstacles, limiting beliefs and take small steps forward to make it happen!

Our job is not to ask How; Our job is to say Yes! Our job is stay open, receptive, and to nourish our passion. Our job is to stay in motion, to recommit to our positive core belief, to take daily action and to share our dream with others on the journey.

Marcia Wieder, gifted author and coach, inspired me with many stories and helped me to find my dream and to move forward on my transition. I encourage you to check back tomorrow when I share a moving book that keeps me going when I am feeling temporarily discouraged.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding Your Joy Can Help You in Making Decisions!

Decisions, decisions, decision... It seems that everything demands a decision. Decisions seem to be facing us where ever we turn. Pondering what needs our attention and what needs to be done first can be exhausting and keep us awake at night. Indecision keeps us stuck and many nights sleepless!

One thing that has helped me in making these decisions and in keeping me in motion is the work I have done to connect with my joy and purpose. When given an opportunity to decide what I will do with my time, I focus on my purpose and what brings me joy, and then I can often decide between my options and how to confront the challenges before me. I enjoy laughing and when I share a laugh with a friend, I feel reenergized and ready to tackle the knotty problem.

Finding my purpose, and letting it help me in making decisions, has proven to be a good time management tool for me, too. I always get more done when I enjoy what I am doing and my purpose helps me to make choices that are right for me. This morning, I was faced with a countless emails. After connecting with my purpose, of giving voice to unspoken dreams, I was able to respond to those work-life issues confronting me and able to speak from my heart.

When we connect with our purpose, we reignite our flame and build the fire within. When I am focusing on bringing more joy into my life, I serve as a good example and my enthusiasm serves to encourage others to make time for their own joyful activities. I returned my telephone calls, with a smile on my face and my interactions were positive.

When I am living on purpose, my sense of humor returns, daily annoyances seem smaller and my perspective and attitude improve. I thank God for helping me to find my purpose and for connecting me with my passion which is intertwined with it.

Many people believe that their purpose is bigger than life and this can be intimidating. Marcia Wieder, my teacher and coach, suggested that our purpose may simply help us to define who we are are and what we are passionate about being. We can turn inward, focus on our heart, listen to our truth, and let our passion guide us into purposeful action.

It seems to me that once we connect with our essence, our uniqueness, and determine what matters to us, we can then begin to connect with our purpose and give voice to our reason for being. I encourage you to make your purpose broad so that it can support many dreams and still leave room for passion.

Standing in your purpose, your dreams often emerge from this foundation. When you know who you are, what is important to you, and what brings you joy, you are perfectly positioned to create a dream that you are passionate about. Marcia has said that the dream that is most important to you and most tied to your purpose will have the greatest chance of becoming a reality. I believe this to be true! How about you?

What is your dream and how will you move forward to make it happen? Perhaps, finding your joy and bringing more of it into your life, should be your first step...
May you have pleasant dreams and blissful sleep tonight!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saying Yes to Your Dreams and Joy!

My fellow travelers and I have been examining our dreams, values, and purpose. Today's lesson focused on our beliefs and attitudes. As I was searching for words of wisdom that might help us on our path, I came upon this inspiring movie.

I believe that this movie will help us to move forward. Click the link above and let me know if this inspires you to take action in the direction of your dreams.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Seven Affirmations for Moms with Teens in Transition

Letting Go Isn't Easy!

If you are like me and many other parents, you will be saying good bye to your teens this month. College has begun for many already. I dropped off my daughter at her dorm a week ago and in the week since, I have found myself reflecting on how fast the years have flown by. It seems like only yesterday, that she was a small toddler. Now, she is 6.5 hours away and deciding when to get up, when to go to bed, and what to do with the hours in between! I do hope she is finding time for her classes....

When a day goes by without a telephone call, I wonder:

Have I prepared her? Have I sheltered her too much? Will she be able to make it without daily reminders from her Dad and I? Will she steer away from dangerous situations? Will she speak up for herself and get answers to her questions. Will she find supportive friends and teachers to walk with her on this new path?

You may remember, incidents from your own years of transition and fear that your own teen will make similar or worse mistakes. You may wish to turn back the clock and regain the control you once had. This wish can not be granted, this moment is no longer in the distant future. It is here! I realize that I can choose to use my imagination to support or diminish my peace of mind. Rather than play out the worst case scenarios in my mind, I look up to the clouds above and affirm:

1. I release control, let go of my negative beliefs and see new possibilities for me and my teen.

2. My nurturing skills soothe my soul and spirit.

3. I laugh every day and connect with my teen in new ways.

4. I find a perfect place to relax and enjoy moments of solitude every day.

5. I enjoy a new sight every day.

6. I rejoice in pleasant memories shared with my teen.

7. I am talented, skilled and appreciated for my past and present efforts.

Affirmations can help you and me as we confront new terrain without those wild and wonderful teens who grew up so fast. Without those who have traveled with us in the past, we may find ourselves focusing on our fears which doesn't help our children, our spouses or ourselves. In fact, our thoughts influence our emotions and lives significantly. At this time of transition, we must remember that our thoughts and beliefs can be changed in an instant. Knowing that fear drains us while joy energizes us, we must seek to change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and follow up with action.

Wayne Dyer reminds us the fastest way to get from fear to love is through compassion. It is in reaching out to another and offering a helping hand without expecting anything in return that we experience love and joy and leave fear behind.
  • How can you get past your fear to love?
  • What beliefs and affirmations will support you and your teen on this new path where you are no longer traveling hand and hand?
  • What act of compassion or act of kindness will you extend and to who?

The choice is yours. You are in control and I encourage you use your imagination and to create affirmations that empower you and those you love. The time to has come to see you and your children rejoicing and celebrating lessons learned and eagerly embracing new adventures!