Monday, August 16, 2010

After the Disbelief, Frustration and Anger....You face Isolation or Another Choice!

In parenting a child with a disability you face a major choice.

You can choose to adopt limiting beliefs and believe that your child's condition is the death of your dreams...


You can choose to adopt empowering beliefs and believe that your child's condition requires bigger and grander dreams...

Your Choice!

Based on personal experience, I know that parents, like me, who chose to let their dreams die based on their limiting beliefs, often become frustrated, angry and ultimately isolated. Not only were my dreams drifting away, but my life lacked lustre.

After many frustrating uphill battles and many bitter disappointments, I realized that I was not winning the war I was fighting and my child was not benefitting from my efforts. We were both, slowly sinking into an even greater hole.

It was at this point, that I decided to make another choice. I decided to switch gears and joined the group of Parents who chose to dream bigger. Sure, I faced bigger challenges and sometimes, I just cried! When I hit bottom, I confronted my values and my commitment was renewed.

Over time, I grew stronger, more confident and more connected. With greater trust in myself and others, and a focus on win-win, I found myself more willing to share my experience and to reach out to others who may find themselves frustrated, angry and isolated.

Today, my mission is to give voice to the unspoken dreams.

Will you join me on Facebook in the support group for parents and educators? Together, we can combat isolation and give voice to those unspoken dreams.

Go to: Believe in a Ray of Hope on Facebook and add your voice and support to the dreams of parents and educators everywhere. Tell others about the hope and encouragement that waits for them!

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