Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom's Day of Reckoning is Coming! Will You Be Ready?

You have just read the title and you are wondering, "What does she mean? Where is Doreen coming from when she says the day of reckoning is coming? Let me explain.

If you are like me, your child has been on an IEP, for years. The years have flown by. You have become accustomed to the support of educators, tutors, and advocates who have helped your children in moving from grade to grade.

Before you know it, your children, like mine, have become young adults; you see them suddenly approaching adulthood and graduating. At this critical time, you are caught off guard and feel very much alone and ill prepared to help them make this transition smoothly. You wonder: Will they live in your basement forever??? How can you move forward, with this heavy load?

I know how you feel, as I have been there myself and I was shaken enough to take action! I have developed an IEP Summit (Individualized Empowerment Plan) for us, Moms and you are encouraged to join us, as the change we want begins with us!

Find out why I say, "If Mama Ain't Transitioning, Ain't Nobody Transitioning." Mom's Day of Reckoning is Coming and I want you to be ready!!

Read more about it at my website.

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