Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music and Quotes Conspire to Inspire and Lift YOU Higher!

Somedays, we feel blue.

Somedays, we feel down and out..

Somedays, are filled with despair too...

Somedays, we just need to pout and shout....

Somedays, my halo falls off and my horns begin to sprout....

At such times, I like to sit down, to pray, to reflect, to journal, to talk to a dear friend and to find a way to believe that it is going to be all right. I like to take a nice hot bath, to read, and to listen to soothing jazz. I find music and quotes quite comforting on those tough days.

I found the following youtube offering on a friend's facebook posting and wanted to share it with you Mamas in Transition. It's hard work trying to balance the many demands before us. I know somedays, we need music and quotes to lift us up. On other days, it's just fun to be further inspired.

Whether you are feeling tired or inspired, the following music and quotes will lift you higher!

I believe my dark days will be followed by days of light. I believe that God is with me and that I can ask for guidance. I believe my failures make me wise, humble and more compassionate. I believe that my days of woe, make me enjoy my successes more. I believe that my grief, strengthens me and helps me to become more empathetic.

What do you want to hear, when you are facing adversity and need encouragement?

If you are like me, you want to hear, "It is going to be all right!!"

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