Friday, July 29, 2011

Stressed? Yes? We Must Form a Circle of Care!!

Calling All Moms, I know you are stressed, but I have another question for you.

Who has the most stress filled job in America?

Is it the astronaut?
Is it the air traffic controller?
Is it the firefighter?

No, it is Us!

Yes, it is Mid Life Moms!

Like you and me, these Mid Life Moms, strive to balance the needs of our young adult children, our husbands, our aging parents, our jobs and a healthy life style.

While I agree that all Mid Life Moms have stressful jobs, I believe Moms with Young Adults who have Special Needs, have the most stressful job of all! While Moms with Young Adults can often envision a time, when their adult children will be grown and gone, the Mom with a Young Adult with Special Needs, may not be able to see an end in sight.

While juggling elephants and carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, who is caring for us???

Check this short video clip out and learn what we typically juggle and what we can do to fortify ourselves!

If you are like me, your days can be difficult and it sometimes we feel overwhelmed. At such times, is tempting to crawl into a ball and shut the world out. While we all need rest and alone time, when we have succeeded in feeling a bit better, we must reach out to our circle of support.

It is for this reason, that I have created the Individualized Empowerment Plan (IEP) for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs! This telesummit is coming at the end of September and will help you to:

Create ME Time;

Learn from Self Care Experts;

Develop Self Care Practices;

Tear Down Barriers;

Access Services to Enrich the Life of your Young Adult;


Form Circles of Support!!

For more info on the upcoming free telesummit: Individualized Empowerment Plan ~ for Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs , follow this link and contact me at 703 371 5682 today to secure your place in the circle of support.

You are worth it! Your families are depending on you and looking to you to be around for the long haul.

In the meantime, let's begin today to:

Make Me Time,

Tear Down the Walls Between Us;

Pause to Reflect on What You Need; and

Form a Circle of Support!

In the end, I leave you with additional questions.

Do you need additional support?

What else do you need?

What works for you?

What do you do to keep showing up?

Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

With Hugs, High Hopes and Belief in YOU,

P.S. If you know experts that have programs/services designed to help Moms for the long haul, I want to hear from you as I am still adding to my speaker line-up. Thank you so very much!!

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