Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What the Experts Know - A Free Telesummit - Empowering Mom

Are you a Mom

* watching your young adult with special needs struggle in life?
* suffering with your child?
* feeling helpless?

If so, I would like to recommend that you listen to a special interview with Peter Tongue. Peter offers a message of hope and the interview is free for the next 24 hours and is powerful!

You can listen to it, by signing up for the Telesummit series at the following link:

What the Experts Know. You can find out more about Peter at the website and see his special offer there too.

There is absolutely no obligation and you need not purchase anything.

The telesummit series is designed to empower us to listen to our children, to question the status quo and to lead by example. Peter's message complements the IEP for Mom summit that I have designed for you.

As the interview is about to end, Peter offers us a special offer at a very reasonable cost. As part of the special offer, you can secure a 1 on 1 counseling session with him and special audio recordings that are designed to help you get into the flow and sleep soundly.

As I was listening, I thought of you all. Astrid has lined up some wonderful educational experts and I look forward to hearing them over the next couple of weeks for free.

Join me by signing up now. Simply click the link below, provide your name, email address and learn from the Experts for Free!

What the Experts Know.

Let me know what you think.

Do you now have:

More information?
More options?
More hope?

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