Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nourishing our Souls - Before Bed!

Life has a funny way of nourishing our souls, especially when we are least expecting it. This message came to me at the most unexpected time, just when I was getting ready to head to bed.

Today, I reached out to my friends on Facebook and asked for recommendations on blogs that made their spirits soar. I wanted to know which blogs they read and which blogs were meaningful to them. I was asking for recommendations as I am always looking for inspiration.

No replys, nothing came back, so I assumed my posting had failed. I asked my daughter to look for my earlier post and to reply if she found it. A few minutes later, I heard from her.

She did find it, she did reply, and while she did not specify which blog she liked, she did make my spririts soar with a simple message. ILY.

Before heading to bed, I decided to check Facebook, one last time. There I found a message and a blog post, that did touch my soul and warm my heart. It is from Maria Salamao-Schmidt who writes a blog post every Friday. Maria's post was heartfelt and lovingly shared with me and all her readers. I hope you will read it and let me know what you think.

I believe you will enjoy Maria's post. She is a Mama who multi-tasks, takes time to laugh at herself, and takes time to reflect! She is surely a Mama in transition and a role model and inspiration to many, including me. I am sure she will sell many books in the months ahead.

Her posting today, reminds me of a quote I read earlier in a message from Francine Allaire, Sales and Marketing Star turned Daring Entreprenuer, who reported, "Personality and Passion, not Perfection, Produces Profits."

As I head to bed and post this blog, I am still wondering...What blogger makes your heart sing? Does the blogger's message nourish your soul? Does his/her message ring true?

Please respond in the comment box below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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