Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anything is Possible with Belief and Support!

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and fantastic friends. In hard times, they have encouraged and helped me get up. In good times, I have heard their cheers in celebration. In victory or defeat, I have been blessed with the love and support of others, making my success sweeter and my defeat only temporary.

When I was only a little girl, I remember my Dad told me that I could do anything I wanted to do. Being a trusting daughter, I believed him and pursued my dreams. When I got left behind or knocked down, I remember him telling me to get up and try again.

He had faced his own disappointments, shared his own stories and challenges and thus inspired me. The scenes were varied, and in his stories, he was often described as the underdog, the runt of the brood, yet he was brave and always sprung back into action! Following his lead, I got through algebra and geometry. Neither of us were going to give up until those problems were solved.

When I think on my childhood, I see my mother and I, hand in hand. I remember my Mom beside me in all my early ventures and I knew I had a powerful supporter next to me. I walked straighter and taller as a result.

These two influenced me and helped me gain the confidence and courage that would serve me in countless challenges. When I faced new experiences, I would often envision their faces, hear their voices, and know what I needed to do next.

They served as powerful role models. They encouraged me dream, provided support, and promoted action in the face of fear.

Their influence continue to inspire me. I realize that I was able to accomplish and bounce back up because I was given belief and support.

Now, when facing a challenge, I ask:

What needs to be done?

Why is this important?

What can I do today to improve the situation and move forward?

Who can help me?

Who can I support?

How can we celebrate?

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