Monday, February 20, 2012

Gratitude, Respect and Appreciation!!

As Monday dawns and I reflect on Greg and Christy's Wedding, I am filled not only with Gratitude, but with Respect and Appreciation for these two young people. Their love, determination, and steadfast devotion to a common goal resulted in a day to remember and lessons for us all.

As the afternoon beckons, I am reminded once again that my children are my Greatest Teachers and as a Mom I am called upon to Applaud their Accomplishments and share Aretha's Message with All.

Having spent the last several days in Christiansburg, Virginia, I witnessed first-hand Greg's calm confidence, his powerful mind and his steadfast determination to pursue his heart's desire. He knows what he wants, marches to the tune of his own drummer and wins the race with a steady pace. At 25, he is living with his soul mate in a home they bought together with their Great Dane, in an area far from his birth place and has been totally independent for the last four years.

He trusts himself, throws off negative influences, loves unconditionally, knows what brings him joy and moves toward it day by day! He is managing an organic restaurant, has honed his cooking and managerial skills, works 12 hour days, 5 days a week and greets each guest with a smile. Never asking for approval, treating others with kindness, answering only to himself, he gains my Appreciation and Respect!

Seeing Christy in action, I am struck by the self-confidence that has emerged in the last few years. Clearly, she has blossomed in love. She completely planned the wedding, bought her dress, shoes and arranged for both food and entertainment. At the reception, she reigned as a Queen, fully composed as she posed for pictures, danced, cut the cake and made appreciative remarks to those who helped her. She commands Respect!

I also appreciate Linda Sowers, J.R. Karr and Preston who have welcomed Greg into their family and appreciated his presence in Christy's life. My great appreciation is also extended to John Reeder and Mary Brun who took time off from work to make the cake, prepare the food and drinks.

Greg and Christy met, fell in love, found a way to combine their strengths and energy, buy their first home, get married, and surround themselves with those who love and support them.

As a Mom, living far from her first born, I am forever grateful to those around Greg and Christy who have supported their dreams, desires and visions.

I appreciate Mikie Moser for giving them the chance to work together; for hosting Christy's bridal shower, for giving birth to Belle, who was the cute flower girl, and for arranging for their wedding, reception and stay at the Nesselrod. I also appreciate Robbie Stewart, who delivered a touching toast to their long lasting friendship and served as Best Man.

The big day would not have been nearly as bright without the presence of Wendy Fore, who was the best lady-in-waiting, I've ever seen! She remembered the nutribar, the curling iron, the hairdo, applied Christy's makeup perfectly and signed the guest book with Laura Rose Smoke.

Wayne and Betty are also very much appreciated for their good counsel and support over the last several months leading up to their wedding. It meant so much to both Christy and Greg that Wayne officiated and blessed the union with a special prayer. Special thanks is also extended to Mark Gordon who ensured that everything at Nesselrod was picture perfect.

Greg and Christy are making great strides forward with the support of friends and family. They are moving in the direction of their dreams with focus, determination and commitment not often seen in young adults their age. I see their gentle spirits, their consistent actions, and their dedication which is awe-inspiring. The results are magical and their future beckons brightly.

I thank God for giving me these fine teachers!

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