Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet a Visionary, Creating a Village for Special Families, One Family at a Time!

It is my deep pleasure to introduce you to Sandra Pearson, a wise woman, a wonderful mother, and a visionary with a vibrant dream to support special families with resources, tools and community. Sandra created OUR SPECIAL FAMILIES VILLAGE knowing that family members needed support, resources and recommendations.

This organization is an outgrowth of Sandra's own needs. She has created the Village that she needed when her son Matthew was first diagnosed with Autism at 3 years of age, 16 years ago. Sandra launched this new venture, announced its creation via social media tools and came into my life as this new year began.

While I was regaining my equilibrium after learning of my daughter's engagement from my husband's brother who had heard the news from Aunt Jean, who had learned of this announcement via Facebook, all BEFORE my daughter had shared the news with her father and I, Ms. Pearson entered my life and I met a kindred spirit.

We immediately hit it off; Sandra Pearson got it! As a mother of two young adults, Elizabeth and Matthew, she immediately identified with my disappointment and frustration. She applauded my coping skills and I was happy to share my experience with her village. You can watch as I share my story with Sandra.

As many of you know I have been focused on helping Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs for quite some time. I put together a telesummit and created the Finally, an IEP for Mom Experience because I knew first hand how lonely I felt as I confronted challenges in the world of special needs. Knowing that Moms need support if they are to continue to support their children into adulthood, I made it my mission and vision to create an Oasis of Hope and Support for Moms who are weary, worn out and in need of rejuvenation and respite.

Like the Village that Sandra has created, my Oasis, seeks to support Moms of Young Adults with Special Needs. At the Oasis, I fortify Moms and help them to develop their own Individualized Empowerment Plans, while letting them know of resources, tools, and other Moms who have walked in the Desert, survived and learned to embrace the adventure. I love connecting Moms with other Moms who know what it is like to get regular emergency calls, to attend countless IEP meetings, to advocate for services and support and get positive results.

So, with the goal in mind, I interviewed Sandra and asked her to share her vision and Village with you. With hopes to inspire you to move forward with hope, determination and focus on the road to becoming the role model you were meant to be. Enjoy Sandra's vision and join us at the Village, and at the Oasis of Hope and Support, You will be glad you did!

Please share your hopes and dreams with us. Keep the conversation alive, meet other Moms and gain strength, support and community at:!/believeinarayofhope

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