Monday, September 14, 2009

Quotes to Keep Us on Our Path!


What practices do you use to pull yourself up when you face a disapointment?

Who do you turn to?

What skill do you use to bounce back?

When I am disappointed, my first choice for renewal, is always some time spent alone. I have always enjoyed solitude, and find a good book and a journal a wonderful way to collect my thoughts, learn the lesson, and identify next steps.

In the last several years, I have stored meaningful quotes and kept them close at hand and find that they help me to get my bearings when I have been knocked off kilter. Recently, I typed many of my favorite quotations up, cut them into strips, folded each up individually and placed them in a candy jar.

Now, when I am feeling down and out, feeling tired and worn out, I often reach for my "candy jar and a quote." It's almost like a fortune cookie as you never know what will come out next. I am constantly delighted with my "pick." As I savor the candy, I contemplate the quotation and try to figure out how I might apply it to the challenge I am facing. Often wonderful insights emerge.

I recently enjoyed the movie above and the quotations within. In a matter of minutes, I was energized.

Please enjoy the short movie above and let me know what quotations you like the best. Which one has special meaning for you today? When life throws you a curve, what practice will re-energize you?

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