Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything I Am, I Owe to My Mother and her Faith in Both of Us!

As a child, I was shy; I doubted my abilities, and in many ways I was an introvert. I hated leaving my mother's side. The first day of school always presented a host of wails and worries from me. I remember crying out in horror in kindergarten, and also in 1st and in 2nd grade as she left me in the care of a new teacher and classmates. My mother worked with me relentlessly, encouraged me to identify my strengths, and to find a friend. She applauded when I took a small step forward, and encouraged me to take another step forward, and yet another. She finally pushed me into the pool of life. Once, I was left to sink or swim, I decided to swim.

When God blessed me with a child with special needs, I decided to stand up, share and soar for both of us, following the example of my mother. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take action myself. I heard long ago, most likely at my mother's knee, a bit of wisdom, that seems especially relevant. "Never expect anyone to do anything, that you would not be willing to do, yourself." Thus, if I wanted my son to speak up with confidence and respect for human dignity, I had to be willing to speak up myself with both confidence and respect for human dignity. In short, I was called upon to serve as a role model, before I pushed.

As my youngest approaches 18, and is transitioning to the age of majority, I am beginning to push. We all need encouragement and some, like me, need the extra push to soar. As I watched the movie, I looked into the eye of the eagle, and saw my mother. There must of been days when she doubted herself and me, but in the end, she decided that we were both able and worthy. She tapped into her faith in both of us, put God in the driver's seat and pushed. As a result, we both soared.

Enjoy the movie and let me hear from you! What do your children need from you?

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