Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grand Parent's Day: Still Fishing for Dreams!

As a dreamer, water lover, and daughter of an avid fisherman, I could not pass up on the opportunity to share this story. I have been thinking of my dad alot today, as it is Grandparent's Day and my dad has been Grand in so many ways! He took me fishing as a little girl, took my children fishing and still has me fishing for my dreams!

It is my hope that my own dad, who has always loved fishing, the ocean and adventure, will see himself in this story and know how much we all appreciate him and the wisdom he has shared. My dad started early in pursuing his dreams.

He left home early, joined the marines early, saw the world early, married and had children early. Growing up, I listened to his stories of adventure and was in awe. I definitely wanted to follow in his footsteps but my courage was not as great. In fact, you might call me timid! In other words, I was SCARED!

My journeys began after college. I married late, had a family late, and found my voice late. As a result, I live with a sense of urgency, today. Being a late blooming flower, I am more committed than ever to live the remainder of my life pursuing my dreams, my passion and my purpose.

Far too often, parents put their dreams on hold, waiting for the "right" time and place to reconnect with their passions and dreams. For far too many, the right time and place never arrives and this breaks my heart. I grieve not only for the person who has stopped pursuing his dream, but for his children. It is my firm belief that children learn by following our actions, not our words. If you are not in action, pursuing your dreams, what are you teaching your children?

Following in my father's footsteps, I hope to give voice to unspoken dreams. I hope to inspire you to find your voice, to connect to your dreams and to call you to action. You see I want company on my journey!

Read Steve Wozniak's story then come back for a call to action!

Angler's amazing feat: 1,000 species of fish and counting

Wozniak exercised his passion and drive to not only accomplish his dream but to inspire others. While I do not know if Wozniak has a wife or children, I do know that his actions have inspired me. When we follow our hearts, others hear the joy and want to join the fun!

Imagine his joy, his energy and enthusiasm for life. While my dream is far from Steve's dream, I, too, have passion, energy and a calling and so do YOU. If I can do it, so can YOU. Let's get going!

Are you still counting the days or relishing the moments?

What can you do today to make your heart sing?

How can you begin to fish for your dreams?

How can you put Grand in your day?

How can you inspire action in your children?

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