Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Shot of Inspiration to Get Into Action!

Do you hear a whisper from within? Are you looking to move your dreams forward? Do you need a shot of inspiration, to get into action? If so, I have a special treat for you!

I know I like to be inspired, before I get into action and this short movie, provides not only inspiration but validation. Please view Dreams Are Whispers from the Soul and consider getting this book which is written by my Dream University teacher, Marcia Wieder to keep you moving forward.

Many of you know that I am Certified Dream Coach® and attended Dream University in 2008. In attending this course, I fulfilled a long held dream. I have followed Marcia Wieder's work for years, and it was a great treat to finally meet and work with her in the last year. Marcia is widely known as America's Dream Coach, has appeared on Oprah a few times and is Jack Canfield's personal coach.

I have been applying Marcia's work in Transition Coaching for several years and have witnessed many transfomed lives as a result. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Marcia and was delighted to see that she highlighted many key concepts in this book. In her book, Marcia will show you how to turn your dreams into reality with real life stories, motivational quotes and beautiful photography.

Enjoy this 3 minute movie to get you started today on realizing your dreams!

My colleague and dear friend Dr. Carie Rotherbacher and I are currently offering Transition Quest, A Visioning Course for Parents, Educators and Advocates, utilizing Marcia's formula. We will be presenting an Introduction to Visioning for Resilience and Colaboration in Roanoke, VA in March.

Please go to my website at learn more about upcoming training events.

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