Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude- Thanks for the Rain and My Sister!

I was reflecting on the beautiful day I encountered yesterday and realized how much I appreciate the rain! We have recently had a flood of rain. It began on Wednesday and was relentless for several days straight. We did not see the sun until Sunday.

During this time, when I had planned to visit the ocean, I found myself at home, reading and listening to CDs. I connected with my spirit with a greater intensity and was flooded with gratitude. Since I was not driving, I found more time to journal, to connect and to align myself with my core values and higher source.

I wrote about the special people in my life and saw my sister dance across my pages. I remember the beautiful girl who lit up the room. I see her bright eyes and engaging spirit. I remembered her warm hugs and uplifting jokes.

Throughout my life, she has added sparkle and fun to our family gatherings. In times of challenge, she has provided a home and a safe haven. On countless occasions, when I sought comfort, she provided not only words of encouragement but a listening heart. She has been fierce defender and a warm companion. Her spirit literally radiates energy and we have been blessed to have her in our lives.

Without rain, the sun would not be so dear. Without challenges, my sister would have been special, but not nearly as appreciated. The darkness reveals her brilliance.

Who lights up your life? When will you find reason to celebrate with the rain?

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