Sunday, November 15, 2009

From Stressed to Blessed - Finding Appreciation and Using your ResiliencePoint!

  • When you are tired, how do you rejuvenate?
  • When you are on the ground, how do you rebound?
  • When you feel like giving up, how do rewind?
  • When you are stressed, how do you regroup and get ready for the next challenge?
Expressing gratitude and appreciation help me to rejuvenate, rebound, rewind and regroup. In short order, I go from being stressed to blessed. Whenever, I feel out of sorts, I make an active effort to redirect my thoughts. Easier said, than done, you say. I respond, yes, but with practice, you can too!

The fastest method, I can think of to get out of the doldrums and into a more joyous state of mind, is to turn inward and begin thinking of my blessings. I think of my blessings and journey back to those special moments that I have shared with my creator, my family and my friends. These special memories align me with my creativity and community and often inspire me to discover new dreams and next steps.

Appreciation, seems to be the key to regaining not only energy but resiliency. When I take time to appreciate my gifts and the gifts of others, my spirit soars and I refuel. As a result of turning inward, focusing on my transition and giving voice to my dreams, I have discovered my ResiliencePoint! I can say without doubt, that my resilience begins with Appreciation.

For the next several days, I will focus on Appreciation as this is how I like to begin my week. With my journal in hand, I begin writing about where I am. I focus on my current challenges and decide, I need fortification. I remember my main job is to feel good, but.....

  • How will I find time to connect with my husband, my son, my family?
  • How will I balance my many responsibilities to myself, my family and community?
  • What will give me relief?
  • How can I feel better, get refueled and recharged?
The month of Thanksgiving, naturally leads me to focus on those who I appreciate and to those who have taught me to align myself with all that is good in me. I look back and encourage you join me.

Come back with me, and you will see a little girl. See her now; she is very shy. She is hiding behind her mother's skirt. She peaks out every once to see who is coming in to view. She is a curious child but scared of what lurks beyond her familiar surroundings. That little girl wondered even then what made people tick? She was a girl who loved to read and write.

Thanks to her mother, she was given lots of books to read, and lots of paper and pencils with which to write. Me,
being that little girl,
remembers now, how much I loved those instruments! I also remember the woman who opened my world through books and unconditional love. I did not always appreciate her and yet looking back, I can truly see that Rose Gray, my mother, was my first teacher and my greatest ally. She helped me to grow and develop, to trust in myself and time to fine tune my dreams.

I often think of my mom and how she helped me to overcome stress and reconnect with my gifts, talents, and blessings. When I reconnect with my core blessings, I remember my Mom, and with appreciation, I feel renewed, rejuvenated and ready for my next challenge.

In the days to come, I will continue to focus on appreciation and those I love, as they have helped me to discover my ResiliencePoint.

What gifts and talents do you have to help you on your path? Where do you often find your solutions? What do you appreciate in you? What qualities do you admire in others? What is your ResiliencePoint?

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