Friday, December 31, 2010

That's Incredible!! Four Pounds in Four Days while Eating Normally!!

I woke up today full of energy, quickly got on my exercise clothes, and jumped on the Wii board for a body check. Much to my delight, I found that I had met my two week goal earlier than anticipated. The Wii screen screamed, that's incredible!! And indeed it was!

4.1 pounds lost in the last 4 days!!

What have I done??? First, I proclaimed my desire to loose 30 pounds in 90 days and began at the end of November. With encouragement from many of you, I got into action, exercising most every day, drinking lots of water, and eating less. Still the weight seemed to cling. Then I decided to pick up Marianne Williamson's book on weight loss, and do as she suggested.

Let Go and Let God!

First, I had to admit that this weight problem was bigger than me, but not bigger than God. I began to pray, confront issues of fear, anger, resentment. Not easy for me to do, as I try to stuff these feelings inside, but I figured I needed to do things differently, if I wanted better results.

With God by my side, I began expecting a miracle and envisioned myself thinner, lighter and happier and decided to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly in me and those around me. They have all been doing double duty and trying hard to get me to acknowledge them. Well, I finally surrendered, embraced all of me and the wonderful people around me, and my weight shifted.

My journey is just beginning. I am excited and I would love to have company on this journey. I still have 23 pounds to shed between now and the end of February. I know I can do it with you and God in my life. Please join me if you are inclined.

What are you doing in the new year?

What will you do differently?

Will you join me in getting healthier, happier and more at peace?

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