Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding Your Joy Can Help You in Making Decisions!

Decisions, decisions, decision... It seems that everything demands a decision. Decisions seem to be facing us where ever we turn. Pondering what needs our attention and what needs to be done first can be exhausting and keep us awake at night. Indecision keeps us stuck and many nights sleepless!

One thing that has helped me in making these decisions and in keeping me in motion is the work I have done to connect with my joy and purpose. When given an opportunity to decide what I will do with my time, I focus on my purpose and what brings me joy, and then I can often decide between my options and how to confront the challenges before me. I enjoy laughing and when I share a laugh with a friend, I feel reenergized and ready to tackle the knotty problem.

Finding my purpose, and letting it help me in making decisions, has proven to be a good time management tool for me, too. I always get more done when I enjoy what I am doing and my purpose helps me to make choices that are right for me. This morning, I was faced with a countless emails. After connecting with my purpose, of giving voice to unspoken dreams, I was able to respond to those work-life issues confronting me and able to speak from my heart.

When we connect with our purpose, we reignite our flame and build the fire within. When I am focusing on bringing more joy into my life, I serve as a good example and my enthusiasm serves to encourage others to make time for their own joyful activities. I returned my telephone calls, with a smile on my face and my interactions were positive.

When I am living on purpose, my sense of humor returns, daily annoyances seem smaller and my perspective and attitude improve. I thank God for helping me to find my purpose and for connecting me with my passion which is intertwined with it.

Many people believe that their purpose is bigger than life and this can be intimidating. Marcia Wieder, my teacher and coach, suggested that our purpose may simply help us to define who we are are and what we are passionate about being. We can turn inward, focus on our heart, listen to our truth, and let our passion guide us into purposeful action.

It seems to me that once we connect with our essence, our uniqueness, and determine what matters to us, we can then begin to connect with our purpose and give voice to our reason for being. I encourage you to make your purpose broad so that it can support many dreams and still leave room for passion.

Standing in your purpose, your dreams often emerge from this foundation. When you know who you are, what is important to you, and what brings you joy, you are perfectly positioned to create a dream that you are passionate about. Marcia has said that the dream that is most important to you and most tied to your purpose will have the greatest chance of becoming a reality. I believe this to be true! How about you?

What is your dream and how will you move forward to make it happen? Perhaps, finding your joy and bringing more of it into your life, should be your first step...
May you have pleasant dreams and blissful sleep tonight!

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