Monday, May 11, 2009

Seeking Clarity and A Faster Pace!

For weeks, now, I have been focusing time and energy on your imagination, your intentions and your integrity in preparation for our transitional journey. I have asked you to examine your intentions, to review your daily activities, to clear the clutter and to take needed action to resolve unfinished business.

I have also asked you to envision and to imagine the life you would like to live once you clear the mountain and get to your desired destination. For the last week, I have been encouraging you to go on a passion/vision quest, to remember events and times in your life when you have been felt satisfied, successful, appreciated and valued.

I have had you focus on what you love and asked you to schedule more joy and pleasure into each day. I have asked you to live more purposefully, to avoid scheduling activities when your heart directs you elsewhere. I have given you exercises to help you live on purpose while doing things that matter to you. I have told you that I want you to avoid meaningless activities that zap your energy. I have told you that the time of our departure is near and there is no longer time to waste. Life is too short and too precious to simply go through the motions.

I have also asked you tap into your emotions and to light the fire inside of you to identify your purpose and passion. I have asked and... You have responded with your essence and your values. You have a greater understanding of what gives you joy and what you were "born to do. " You have unearthed your buried dreams and yet they are still dusty and your next step is unclear.

Your head is full of lofty visions but you wonder, what will I do next. How will you gain clarity, focus and direction while aligning your dreams with your purpose and moving toward your desired transition? As your guide, I highly recommend that you begin journaling to capture your visions, your thoughts and your insights. I believe that getting those ideas out of your head and onto paper, brings clarity for navigating the road.

You can read these writen pages when you become flustered and confused and they can provide stability. You will learn to trust yourself in the process of journaling. You will give voice to your fears, your dreams and your anxieties. Having a place to store them, they need not weigh you down. These journal notes can become your roadmap and can ground you when you stumble and come upon a roadblock.

I use my journal to explore new vistas before I venture forward. Before stepping out, I take time to reflect backwards on where I have been, what I have learned, what I have accomplished. Before devising a plan, I share my fears and worries. As I write, I seek internal guidance from my knowing source to give me focus and direction. I listen and I write for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, I vent, I fume, I forgive, share appreciation, give thanks and before I know it, I feel energized and ready to move forward.

What will you do to gain clarity, focus and direction on your journey?

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