Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finishing Unfinished Business

Yesterday, I read a story of Troy Aikman, former QB of the Dallas Cowboys, who finally made good on a promise he made to his mother over 20 years ago. He finished his last two college courses and will graduate from UCLA in June of this year.

When he left college, he was two classes shy of graduation and vowed to his mother at that time that he would return and complete the degree requirements. He finally did it!

I can imagine how good he must feel to have this commitment finally complete. It must give him much personal satisfaction as he proudly annouced his upcoming graduation on February 7, 2009, at a halftime ceremony honoring his induction into the College Hall of Fame at the UCLA-Notre Dame basketball game.

Living a life with integrity, doing what you say will do, allows one to sleep well at night. I imagine Troy is sleeping better than ever these days!

Do you have unfinished business? What promises have you made and not kept? Do these old promises weigh you down? If old promises are weighing you down, what steps can you take to either fulfill the promise or discard it. If it is no longer meaningful, how can you bring it to closure and move forward with ease? Will it take you 20 years to fulfill your promise or are you willing to begin taking action today?

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