Friday, July 10, 2009

Let Go, Let God!

These words have special significance for me today. These words, Let Go, Let God, allowed me to sleep last night. I had a very challenging day both at home and work. At work, I faced a discouraged colleague and a frustrated supervisor. I tried to meet the needs of both and left the office without satisfying either.

At home, I was met with an angry mother and my attempts to share my concerns and gain her support failed. As my daughter struggles to gain her independence and freedom, I worry about her fate. She is worried about hurting her boyfriend, worried about his anger, and wants the 30 to 40 texts she receives daily to be limited. Meanwhile, the texts continue....

As she shares her desire to breathe, to step back, his clutch becomes tighter and his pleas louder. She is finished talking to me and does not seem to be overly concerned. He is learning to text "less." Breaking up is hard to do and transitions are difficult. Meanwhile, I listen to stories of obsessive lovers and fear that her desire to spread her wings will be stifled by a "friend" who can not get enough of her. I share my concerns with her and vow to myself to reach out to a counselor. Getting her out of the area gives me reason to celebrate. Getting support from loved ones is crucial in times of transition.

Remaining here, I hear stange noises, start to fret and worry about the consequences of my actions. I fear the ramifications of confronting the controlling behavior and yet I know that these ties will limit her growth and development. After listening to the concerns and worries of friends and relatives for her safety and for my own, I decide to turn inward and seek guidance. In my quiet solitude, I hear, "Let Go, Let God." Knowing that I have done everything I can, I decide do just that. I Let Go and Let God.

I slept and woke up refreshed. I called the counselor with firm resolve and my daughter is now getting objective counsel and help. I remind myself again and again to continue to reach out for support, to tap into my inner resources and to Let Go, and Let God.

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