Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are you Speechless, Outraged, Tired and Frustrated?

  • Do you need support to be recognized, refreshed and re energized to find your voice?
  • Do you hear a small voice inside of you, asking you to transform your hurt into a vision for a brighter tomorrow?
  • If you look deep within you, do you see a glimmer of hope?

If so, I know how you feel. I have traveled a similar path. And I can help you find that deep inside Voice in You! Not so very long ago, I was reflecting on my own life; facing many challenges, and feeling overwhelmed. I wondered how I could recover and be the Mom, Wife and Partner I was meant to be. On the outside, I was doing well and had much to be thankful for; but inside I knew that I was not truly connected to my voice, my passion, my husband, my children, or my purpose.

On many occasions, I was shaken to the core, became indignant, angry, and when I was not screaming, I was often speechless. At such times, I would recoil, regroup, lash out and eventually wear myself out. Looking back, I wish I had learned to reach in and reach out earlier, as I know I suffered immensely and made life difficult for those who I loved the most.

Today, I am truly in touch with what matters to me most and I am using my voice much more regularly to engage in meaningful and purposeful dialogue. I am actively helping myself, my family and those in my circle of influence to Believe in a Ray of Hope and to embrace our dreams and gather our strength while moving forward in action and determination.

After facing many trials and challenges and encountering multiple failures, I turned to those who have inspired me over the years and sought advice. While my father never preached, his life was an open book and upon reflection, I could clearly see what he had done and I began to try to emulate him and the method he employed so successfully in living his life. At 80, he is in good health, good humor and has no regrets. My father's name is Ray and over the years, I have seen him weather many storms and every time he has emerged with hope, vigor and in action. Because of his positive influence on my life and the lessons he has taught me by example, I have named this method, Believe in a Ray of Hope in his honor.

I have used Believe in a Ray of Hope, to adopt our three children; to get special education services for our son who was diagnosed as 47 XXY at the age of 11; to buy our beach house; and to help students obtain scholarships, to get their dream jobs and to reconnect with their passions. There is a special place in my heart for the parents of special needs children and I have decided to spend the next few years in service to them, knowing how important they are to the success of our specially challenged youth.

Most of the special needs parents I meet are like me; successful in many endeavors, but still looking for extra meaning, extra joy and eager to reach extra milestones for themselves and for those they love. I am convinced that my Dad and the lessons he taught me in living a life based on Believe in a Ray of Hope will be of value to others who are seeking to weather the storms of life. I would love to share my Dad’s method, Believe in a Ray of Hope with you as it is transformational!

Please let me know how you would like to use your voice and what gives you hope?

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  1. Doreen--
    Congratulations on your new blog. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your adventures and rays of hope.